Rec Travel Team Field Locations

Maps to all fields for GLCSL games can be found on the GLCSL website, click on the button below.

Select Team Field Locations

Maps to all fields for GVSA games can be found on the GVSA website,  Click on "Maps to Fields" on the left hand side.

Parent Referees

For the U5 & U6 games we use Parent Referees instead of Certified Referees.  If you are asked to be a Parent Referee by your child's coach, here is some helpful information for you!


Games are around 45 minutes long.  They include two, twenty-minute halves and one (5 minute) half time.

When the ball goes out of bounds, the other team does a throw in.  Please ensure the child keeps both feet on the ground and that the ball goes completely behind their head.  All throw ins should be done from the side lines, none from the goal lines.  There are no penalty or corner kicks in U5 & U6.  Since we want everyone to have a fun soccer experience please try to keep the kids from pulling on each other, using their hands, and/or pushing.  Thank you for being willing to help!

Needed Equipment

For U5-U8 players need one of our black & white reversible jerseys ($25).  They are also required to wear shin guards with socks that cover the guards for each practice and game.  Players can wear cleats if they would like, but are not required to.  Because soccer is played in all sorts of weather players are welcome to wear long sleeve shirts under their jerseys for games, no specific color is needed for those.  Players are allowed to wear shorts or pants, whichever they prefer.  If you would like to purchase a soccer ball for your child in this age group they use a size 3 ball.  The only other equipment that would be needed is a water bottle for practice and games so they can stay hydrated!

Our rec travel teams (U9-U20) wear a uniform kit that includes a jersey, shorts, and socks.  These are required for each game along with shin guards.  Cleats are recommended for this age group, but not required.  Players will need to wear black undershirts/leggings/pants for games, and please nothing with hoods under their jerseys.  A water bottle is highly recommended for all players.

Our select teams have 2 uniforms.  For away games they wear the black jersey, shorts, and socks (the same uniform as the rec travel teams).  For home games they wear the orange jersey, black shorts, and white socks.  ALL PLAYERS SHOULD BRING BOTH COMPLETE UNIFORMS FOR ALL GAMES!  Shin guards are required for all games and cleats are recommended for this level of competition.  For cold weather a player is allowed to wear an undershirt/leggings underneath the required uniform.  These additional items should match the uniform color they are wearing for that game.  


At Ludington Soccer Club we want EVERYONE to be able to play the level of soccer they are best suited for.  If you need help paying for your child's registration fee, please let us know.  We have scholarships available for both rec and select programs for all ages.  We even have scholarships for Summer Soccer Camps!  We strive to never let money stop a child from experiencing the great game of soccer!  To apply for a scholarship please download our application form and either mail it or email it back to us.